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Thread: Kukuukunukoo Bus advance reservations??

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    Kukuukunukoo Bus advance reservations??

    12 more days & we'll be in Aruba for the first time...its all I can think about. I'm not good for anything else right now! We are arriving on Wed 20th. By the time we get to the Tam it will be around 6 pm. So we plan to just check out the place & enjoy a few drinks. Thurs. is a lay on the beach & unwind day. Friday we are wanting to do the kukuu bus. Will we be able to make a reservation when we arrive on Wed. & get to go on Friday like we plan, or should I make reservations now? I see you get $5.00 off pp if you book online. Any suggestions??

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    Cathy you will be there the tail end of President's weekend. I would go ahead and make the reservation now online. Since it sounds as if you have your time planned pretty well, it would be better safe than sorry. Also, would not interrupt your other plans.

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    We'll be at the Tam on the 29th, and we're going on the Kukoo Bus March 3 (a Monday so it might be "dead"??) anyhow, we already made our reservations to get $5 off per person. I didn't know how quickly they book up, or if cruise ship people make a difference, so I just went ahead and scheduled it. One more thing already paid for before we go means less cash to take with us.

    When will you be leaving Aruba? will you still be there on the 29th? save some rum for me at the Bunker Bar!!
    the sun and the sand, and a drink in my hand...

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    Hey Iluvrum we are heading back home on the 27th. So we will miss each other. Don't worry about the rum there will be plenty left for you...but there may not be any Balashi left! I'm a beer drinker. Have a Great Time!
    By the way I took yours & Lisa's advice & booked the bus...can't wait!!!

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