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Thread: Lesson learned, never leave license SENOR FROGS

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    What an awful experience, sorry it happened.

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    So sorry to hear. Very valuable lesson for your girls to learn! Glad all worked out in the end.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by cindyo View Post
    Ty John!
    did you get my pm on FB?
    ❤️ you guys are the best hugs!!!
    Got yor PM. Don't let one slimeball ruin your vacation. Just desserts will be served to them at some point
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    We gases up our rental car during our last trip and were told that the Internet was down and had to pay cash. Of course this was after we made the purchase. We always carry some cash, so it didn't become an issue.

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    What a horrible experience for a couple of young people..... sorry it happened... and sorry you had to waste time the next day chasing down the license....

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaby View Post
    I have never charged anything in Aruba. The only two people who have had my cc were Hans from Tropic Car (who I trust beyond trust, he is so honest) and Trees from Discount Cell. Otherwise, pay cash.

    We do the same. Credit card for car rental and hotel and MAYBE a special dinner or excursion that we hadn't planned on. But otherwise, it's cash for us so no need to worry about credit card machines, ATM machines, fees, etc.

    On one of our trips to Mexico many years ago, we had a similar situation at a restaurant - we had planned to pay with a credit card and they kept telling us our card didn't work. Well, we carry zero balance on our cards so knew it wasn't our card's problem. They finally admitted the machines were down. We had just enough cash on us that night to cover dinner and barely enough for a tip. Our lesson learned was to always bring cash, cash, and more cash. If you don't spend it, you can always bring it home (we usually do come over home with extra but are always glad we bring more than enough with us for anything that might come up.)

    A few years ago we were with friends for dinner at 2 Fools and a Bull and had a situation with the credit card machine not working. They just told us to come back the next day (which we did) and pay then. No problems.
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    A few years ago on my first night my credit card company froze my account. I forgot to tell them I was going to Aruba. After I checked in to the hotel and they put a hold on my card which went thru, the credit card company froze the account. So off i went to Superfoods and I had to pay $140 and the credit card did not go thru. i had to pay cash! After calling the credit card company and verifying who I was they reopened account. It was a nightmare! They wanted to send a text code to my cell phone and for me to call them back with the code. I kept telling them my cell phone would not work in aruba. Sorry I can't help you security reasons. I kept calling getting a different person. Finally I convinced someone to send the code via email which I was able to access logging on to one of the computers at la cabana.

    Yes bring plenty of cash, keep it in the safe but when you go out make sure you have enough to cover your tab in case there is a problem with credit card machine or your card.
    Back to Aruba in

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    So sorry this happened.

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    Agreed , right thing to do!
    my daughters are honest, to a fault!!��

    Quote Originally Posted by ~Amy~ View Post

    A few years ago we were with friends for dinner at 2 Fools and a Bull and had a situation with the credit card machine not working. They just told us to come back the next day (which we did) and pay then. No problems.

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    Senior Frogs has done more than the right thing....they decided to forgive the $61 debt. Therefore, we would like to close this chapter, putting it behind us.

    I will leave it to the administrators as to whether the thread should be closed.
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