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    Mr. Jazz


    Can anyone tell us about Mr. Jazz Club. My wife and I took a stroll through last year when we walked the Mall. It was early and only a few in the club at the time. How's the food and does it come alive later in the evening?


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    Mr Jazz has a Cuban show, including a terrific live band (The Bilongos) with two singers. There is a huge dance floor, for those who are proficient enough in the various Latin dances to show their stuff.

    It's well worth seeing, but the show doesn't change from night to night, so you may not wish to plan more than one visit in a given vacation.

    Food tends towards pricey, with other options in Passeo Hernencia usually thought to beat it for the buck. It is considered a steak house... a tough thing to be, with so many sharing the same mile.

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