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Thread: Need to check on a warning I just got...plz help forum members

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    Read San Nic's book "An Island Away" gives you a different insight on Aruba! Great read...(all his books are good)
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvsun View Post
    Read San Nic's book "An Island Away" gives you a different insight on Aruba! Great read...(all his books are good) comment about SN, we all know there are ladies of the night comment is about your picture....LOVE THE DOGS !!!!!

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    Yes...prostitution is legal in Aruba but very tightly controlled. The majority of the girls seem to come in on permits from Colombia. They are regularly checked at the hospital. While different, I did not feel any less safe than walking through the red light district in Amsterdam when I spent time there.

    As with everywhere, if you go looking for trouble, you will find it. For most, the girls in SN seem to keep their business to those taht they profile as possibles. I have been to bars and restaurants with my wife and friends on a number of occasions. No issues and never been offended by them.

    Go and enjoy. It's a big world out there

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    the thursday night festival completely safe.

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    ummm, so much for advice as it is based on one's perspective......I think
    I arrived Sat., the last day of the Caribbean Jazz fest. and it was NOT in San Nicholas but at the Culture Center - outskirts of downtown. Seemed well planned.

    As for the rap or advice on San Nicholas, which I have heard the others who chimed is basic, be alert and know your surroundings. At the same time, the only way to get to Baby Beach, etc. is via San Nicholas. Maybe, I'm on the risky side, but I could not imagine coming to Aruba and not going to San Nicholas. No doubt, there are parts which raise caution but at the same time, I have met some of the nicest people while visiting that part of the island. It boils down to common sense. Only go or visit those areas where you are comfortable.......and that probably applies to your home area!
    By the way, because most of the food places are independent or "hole in the walls" like anywhere else, it is a crap-shoot, but I have never been disappointed. Of course, I always visit my friends at Charley's!!

    One other side note, San Nicholas is like many areas, where major investment has moved away. In Aruba's case, what use to be the capitol is a shadow of itself, as the main attractions have moved North, but what is left are fledgling or survival type locations which provide another positive feel of Aruba. Just my 2 or 3 cents.

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