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Thread: New Casinos

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    New Casinos

    Any New Casinos on the Island? What is up with the old Lacabana one any movement?

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    the OLD LACABANA one was the Royal Cabana Casino.

    It was really part of the Lacabana Villas. It has been closed since late 2004 or 2005.

    It is now owned by Tropicana Entertainment, the same company that owns the Lacabana VIllas-Aruban- now known as the Tropicana.

    it is going to be a loooooooong time before that building is a casino.

    it is a concrete block shell.

    Lacabana Beach and Raquet Club is putting in a small casino in its area where the Captains Table once was.

    The Tropicana is in the process of reopening their smaller casino where the Key Largo Casino once was.

    (confused yet?)

    The Alhambra is undergoing a major renovation, but is still open during the renovation.

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    Any New Casinos on the Island? What is up with the old Lacabana one any movement?

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    I wonder when the Key Largo Casino will finally open?? I understand the restaurant is open but waiting on a permit for the casino?
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    renovated casino, at the occidental, the new name, aura.
    my favorite casino, thank's to a wonderful group of employee's

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    All correct, and the Casablanca in the Westin is now the Palm Beach. You may also consider it a change at the Radisson that they got rid of the old casino management company and replaced them.

    Just sayin'.

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