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Thread: New Year's festivities

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    New Year's festivities

    Where can I find a listing of new year's festivities? I'm heading down on my own and am looking for something where I won't feel too out of place.

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    Fun everywhere

    Depending on where you are staying I think you will find parties going on everywhere. What I remember of last New Years we ended up at the beach in front of the Holiday Inn and there were alot of people hanging out, listening to the music and having fun. We own a home in Aruba so we weren't staying at a hotel. I am sure there are lots of organized parties you can pay to go to also.

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    There are normally flyers up all around that tell you whats going on. If your shopping down then just look around....

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Taxi drivers are also good sources for info on what is happening where.

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