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where is Moomba ? Also is it ok to go into any resort and use the pool and/or pool bar with out staying at that resort ? We are staying at the Radisson and although very nice pool and beautiful beach, would be nice to check out others and the pool bars
moomba is where the jolly pirates "pier" is - more like where you take a little boat to the pirate ship. it's right next to the surf club and holiday inn. it's inside a huge teepee shaped dome.

all of the pool bars are opened to anyone - even non-guest with the exception of a few, i can only think of the RUI as they are mostly all inclusive and thus don't allow people in without the bracelet onto their property. so long as you have the cash or credit card, your money is good at all of the pool bars. now, this doesn't mean you can swim in the pool as that is not allowed but then again, for the most part they won't know who you are (except for the surf club b/c they have people on the look out for the bracelet also).