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Thread: party spots/nightclubs

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    party spots/nightclubs

    does anyone know any party spots that might start a little earlier..last year after dinner around 9:00 to 10:00.. we went to some clubs but they seamed empty ..i was told crowds dont start to arrive till about midnight..after all day on the beach we just could not make it lol..thanks

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    Night Clubs

    We have been going to Aruba for 12 years and none of the younger crowd clubs arise until at least 11pm! Only place you might find is Carlos & Charlies when cruise ships are in as then the place is crazy and fun! Marriott Stellaris casino is always hoping in the early evening and they generally have live entertainment in the casino bar about 9pm but that is about it.

    We tried the late night life years ago and too late for us anymore as we enjoy the sun all day and give up about 11pm nightly!

    Greg & Susan

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    We have been going to Aruba for 7 years now. Ask around to see where the Equator Band is playing that week. They are awesome!!
    they usually play on Friday happy hour on the pier outside the Radisson. they also played late afternoon at the Westin and sometimes at Moomba Beach next to the Holiday In. I am sure their schedule changes all the time, but ask anyone working in the hotels and they usually know where they are.
    We will be there July 1st through the 9th. I plan on finding them again!! LOL

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