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Thread: visiting soon

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    visiting soon

    you've probably seen this post 1000s of times, but as a first time visiter in a few months, where/what do you recommend "after hours" for 40-somethings? Interested in good food, drinks, dancing and meeting interesting people.

    Feel free to answer on this thread, or contact me directly at:


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    Hoping to find new friends to show me

    Visiting Soon Part 2

    Also visiting Dec 6-12 and single...where's the best spot to go for singles?



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    The hotspot on the Island is the area by the Royal Plaza mall.
    just tell the Taxi driver to take you to Royal Plaza.
    At the intersection right in front of this place you can head towards the water ,there you will find Senior Frogs, Bahia and some other clubs.
    In the Royal Plaza self there are also some clubs including "Mambo Jambo" which is a very popular hangout place for locals as well as turists alike .
    The ambiance starts late though here in Aruba, between 11:00 pm. to 04:00 am.
    When you're done you can flag down a Taxi right there in front of the Royal .
    Plaza .
    Have a nice and pleasant staying here in Aruba
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