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Thread: What do you like to do in the evening?

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    The Pearl at Eagle Beach
    Not that we're up early, 8-9 or so, but like Cindy and Rob we're usually at the gym for an hour and a half in the morning, and then poolside by 11 with our first beverages in hand, which pretty much flow endlessly throughout the day. After a day of sun and drinks we usually peter out a couple hours after sunset. We might catch a snack or make a small donation at the casino. We really enjoy live music but never really seem to make it to any in the evening. Maybe we just haven't found a location that starts early enough for us. Put us in the relaxed and boring category too.


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    Oh, Andrea J., you are describing our routine exactly! The only thing I might add is that after the casino and early return to the room, we hang out on the balcony for a bit with some cold drinks.

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    Depends on who we are traveling with but a good portion of the evening is spent in the room playing board games or cards with the kids. The men enjoy smoking their Cuban cigars & drinking their Balashis on the patio. We love to go to dinner in the high rise area and walk around checking out the little shops & carts. The kids really get a kick out of watching a movie outside by the pool at La Cabana. It doesn't need to be anything super extravagant - it's all about being together & in Aruba
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    We usually do dinner later - around 8:30. Prior to that we're doing happy hour at the hotel bar or on our patio/balcony with friends. Then we like to get dressed up for the evening and sip on a glass of wine while getting ready for dinner. After dinner we usually catch some live music and/or meet up with our local Dutch friends (or our friends from the U.S. and England that we see every year) and hit some of the local spots and enjoy good conversation while catching up with everyone. Once we get back to the hotel we like to take a glass of champagne or wine to the beach and just sit and enjoy the sounds of the water and star gaze a bit (so nice and quiet at Eagle Beach at around midnight/1am.) We hardly ever go to the casinos - just not our thing and WAY too smoky. I think the last time we stepped foot in one was when some friends from England wanted to go so we went along, too - that was proably about 5 years ago.

    We're up again in the morning around 7am for a morning beach walk (or a walk/run from Amsterdam Manor to the Phoenix and back) and a mimosa on the beach before breakfast.

    We don't sleep much when we're on any vacation - too much to see/do. We always figure we can sleep when we're dead.
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