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Thread: Why???? Hyatt Casino slot experience :-(

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    Why???? Hyatt Casino slot experience :-(

    We were casually spending time walking around and decided to stop in at the Hyatt Casino. It was really a hot day and the airconditioned casino was offering some relief. My wife and I are not really gamblers and decided to play the slots for some fun. All was going OK until we experienced a failure and a flashing message to call an attendant. I mentioned this to one of the staff on the floor and she used her 2 way radio to advise whoever it was that needed to know.

    After about 10 minutes another woman arrived. Her attitude was at best surly. She radioed in what slot she was at and the situation and then proceeded to open the machine. I should point out that we had been winning a small amount and it was displaying this on the front display. This woman grudgingly did what was required and in a very poor way asked us ":What did you put in ?" She then called another person over who wrote down the amount and then refunded it to us. It did not matter that we had won more than we had started with. The amount we started with was all we were getting back. An attempt to explain this was met with a shrug and she walked off. We were surprised at the whole experience.

    It turned out that a printer that generates the tickets showing the amouny won and being withdrawn had gone beserk.

    A lesson learned. I would have expected a much more courteous treatment at the Hyatt

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    I recall seeing signs at casinos that warn in the event of a malfunction you lose.

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    aruba is not Vegas. They're still wanna bes.

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    With malfunctions you do lose.... however, I certainly would have asked to speak to a supervisor to air a complaint for the attendant's attitude. The Hyatt does not knowingly tolerate poor guest service on any level. Who knows... the supervisor might even have honored the amount shown on the display.

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