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Thread: 15% service charge or not

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    I don't mind at all if the tip is included. I always tip around 15% to 20% anyway. I understand this is not the USA. What I found very upsetting was that in the restaurants that I went too, a 16% tip was added onto the bill, and then the wait staff made it very clear that a tip was expected, and when ask, they all said they did not recieve any of the 16%, which was added to the bill. I felt that the corporations, many American, were ripping off the local people, or that the local people were just lying to me in order to get a whopping 36% tip. This really made me uncomfortable, and has made me have second thoughts on returning. I understand that its hard work, and use to wait tables in my younger days. Fix the problem Aruba, and write what the rules are on your menu, like the rest of the world does.
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