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View Poll Results: Would a 15% service charge on a carry out order anger you?

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    Question 2 Zings for Westin Dining, and a question 4 all

    A friend & I, having heard many raves, went to the Sunday Brunch at the Hyatt (Ruinas Del Mar). Very much like a cruise ship buffet, the first impression was awe... "look at all that!". But, as we began to open serving dishes and actually tasting the food, the opinion dropped fast. On the hot line, chicken curry was burnt to brown, stuck to the pan. On our 2nd trip to the line 20 minutes later, the serving dish hadn't been checked or changed. Pork in raisin sauce was dry and unappetizing. A machine was pumping out cider donuts, but no new ones were coming out, as plenty of others that had gone cold were waiting in the catch pan. Smoked salmon had lost its flavor due to freezing, thawing and re-freezing. The last of some Dutch cheeses was replaced by some supermarket cheddar. Sushi (mostly just california rolls) fell apart before you could get it off the serving tray. Like a cruise ship buffet, the wow factor over the bounty of food was there, but then nothing was particularly tasty.

    But, in spite of the disappointing Hyatt buffet, I wasn't put off high rise dining completely. I've always been a fan of BLOSSOMS (the Westin's Asian restaurant), and returned last night. The plan was to put in a carry out order of my favorite item, and while I was waiting, perhaps have one small sushi item at the sushi bar.

    To further simplify matters, I thought I'd pay out the sushi chef for the one item, along with a tip (so he'd get it, not some server), in cash, and handle the carry out with the hostess. When the carry out order was ready, they had transferred the bill (on their computer) to the sushi bar, so I could pay it all together, and added a 15% service charge. I had not had a server. No one had even brought water, or asked for a drink order. The sushi chef took the order for the one small sushi appetizer I had, and (20+ minutes later) handed it to me himself.

    The point of this is not that I care about a few dollars (I'm not that petty), but that charging 15% on a carry out order does not seem at all right. I paid it without fuss, but thought it was wrong that a server I'd never seen was getting 15%, the sushi chef was getting nothing, and that carry out orders should carry any service charge.

    Does anyone else agree that paying a service charge on a carry out order is dead wrong?
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    The service charge issue has always bothered everyone I know who willingly gives tips of 15 - 20% for service. (americans do this - the europeans do not from what I'm told.) But WHAT are they thinking when they add this to a carry out??? That is a total rip off. And guess you already know the service folks want their tips in cash to pocket for themselves. So please don't put any tip on your cc, b/c they are required to split this with the whole staff.

    Sad story and just another way for tourists to ante up every which way!

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