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Thread: Act1966 Barney's November 11 2014

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    In the pool.

    Act1966 Barney's November 11 2014

    We decided to wing it for dinner and see if we could get in somewhere without a reservation. The Spouse was getting a little annoyed at my obsessing over having reservations. Life on the edge!

    We decided to give Barney's a try as I'd read a lot of posts where people described how much they like it. Into the fray!

    I'll be honest: when we pulled up, I went, "Uh-oh." It looked a little "theme-parkish" but I guess that goes with the "Flintstones" theme. I have to admit to a bias: restaurants tend to be places where you CAN judge a book by its cover.

    So, with trepidation (and The Spouse saying, "Get your g-damned nose out of the air"), we headed in.

    Really nice greeting from the hostess and no problem without a reservation. We were a little early (6:30) so had our choice of tables. Points to Barney's and my nose started to come down a bit.

    Waitress (the first one) was right there with menus and ready to get us drinks. I went for a Brights and The Spouse decided to try out a Patron margarita. She also pointed out the specials and soups (it was schnitzel night) of which there was an intriguing one called "Cheeseburger Soup". You mention the word "burger" and The Spouse is on it.

    Drinks arrived. My new found love, Amstel Bright, was delicious as ever. The Spouse was "okay" with the margarita but it was a little on the sweet side - anyone who knows margaritas will get this: they used Triple Sec so that explained it. Lesson learned... ask for Cointreau in the future. But that's not Barney's fault as most restaurants use Triple Sec for the orange edge.

    We promptly ordered... I went for the parmesan grouper (I'm sensing a week of grouper theme to my week thanks to CindyO) and The Spouse went for the aforementioned cheeseburger soup and the Hawaiian Schnitzel.

    Second round of drinks and the soup arrived... it was good! Surprise, surprise... my nose was almost out of the air now.

    Then the mains...

    I was stunned at how light the Parmesan grouper was... I was fully expecting some cheese monstrosity that I'd gag on with the second was GREAT! Light, flaky, delicate... and the Dutch potatoes (pan fried, bacon, onions) capped it off nicely. The side of vegetables were lightly sautéed (not overcooked like most restaurants up north do/kill them):

    Act1966 Barney's November 11 2014-parmgrouper.jpg

    I ate every last bite!

    And The Spouse's schnitzel arrived. To be honest, I didn't think it would be a hit because of the pineapple on it - we're generally no-fruit-on-meat people - but, again, surprise, it was a hit!

    Act1966 Barney's November 11 2014-schnitzel.jpg

    The fries were passable (Cafe 080 is still the champ).

    We were stuffed and couldn't possibly get dessert. Okay...

    Act1966 Barney's November 11 2014-creampuff.jpg

    "We'd like the bill and a forklift, please..."

    Great service and food... and it was cheaper than lunch! We'll be back!
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    Looks amazing! My husband's line after a big meal when the server asks if they could get us anything else, "A Wheelbarrow" !
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Must ad to our list, thanks for that delicious review.

    trip theme should be..." How to do grouper every night in Aruba" and still love it

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    Love the food photos! Barneys gets a lot of great reviews and that schnitzel night sounds intriguing.

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    Sitting here drooling at the thought and photo of that parmesan grouper. So glad folks are trying Barney's. I would be crushed if they didn't make it, we eat there several times every trip.

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    Aruba since 1979
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    we are heading there tomorrow evening.

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    We love Barneys ! Especially Saturday, they have all you can eat steak...Delicious !!

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    We had it last night. Sooooo good!

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