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Thread: Act1966 White Modern Cuisine November 13 2014

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    Act1966 White Modern Cuisine November 13 2014

    We'd actually walked by this restaurant in February and I thought, "Ugh... those prices to eat in a mall?!?" but then I saw some pretty spectacular reviews from diners.

    They weren't wrong.

    It's actually a beautiful space on the inside: clean, sharp lines, open kitchen and high ceiling. All white... I imagine that was intentional or they would have called it Blue Modern Cuisine LOL.

    The thing we liked most about it (other than the food) was the leisurely pace that dinner went at... we both hate being rushed at dinner (a disturbing trait of a lot of North American dining establishments) and the ambiance and atmosphere coupled with the gradual unfolding of dinner made for a great evening.

    The service was pretty funny. We could tell our waiter was new: he was a little nervous and VERY practised and choreographed to the point where he would take a measured step back from the table after every time he came to visit us. I actually brushed my hand through my hair at one point and he came running over thinking I was signalling him. Oops! But he made up for lack of experience with being extremely attentive and "present"; he'll do well once he finds his footing (both literally and figuratively ha, ha).

    On to the show...

    We started with pre-dinner cocktails. I wouldn't normally mention this but the one I ordered was crazy good and inventive. A "White Mojito"... its essentially a mojito with something called "mango caviar" (gelatinous balls of mango) and frothed carrot foam. I know, it sounds gross but it was unbelievably tasty. The Spouse chickened out and ordered a vodka/soda:

    Act1966 White Modern Cuisine November 13 2014-img_20141113_200212.jpg

    We looked at the wine list - it was surprising varied and very reasonably priced. They had a list of "Soon To Be Discontinued" that had price reductions off the original list. We ordered a bottle of Belleruche Cotes Du Rhone. VERY nice... naturally, we'll never find it in Canada.

    For dinner, The Spouse went for "Pan-Fried Duck" for an appetizer and "Mushroom Medley" (which was a strange choice in that steak is usually the order of the day but the love of mushrooms cannot be quashed. That, and I said we'd come back if the meal turned out to be spectacular). I opted for the five-course tasting menu... the waiter seemed excited by this prospect - maybe there aren't a lot of takers for the "wing-it school of dining"? He confirmed if I had any dislikes or allergies (no, to all) and off we went.

    Everything was fantastic... all beautifully presented and each dish had been thoroughly thought through on taste combination. The duck appetizer was crazy good... apples, peanut butter flakes, sausage: it was insane but tasted incredible on the tongue. Some pics:

    Duck app:

    Act1966 White Modern Cuisine November 13 2014-img_20141113_202536.jpg

    Mushroom Medley main:

    Act1966 White Modern Cuisine November 13 2014-img_20141113_214724.jpg

    One of my three apps - Tomato five ways - the little white things that look like Hershey Kisses are tomato meringue... awesome...:

    Act1966 White Modern Cuisine November 13 2014-img_20141113_202526.jpg

    Dessert: pears poached in chardonnay, vanilla ice cream, angel food cake and shaved white chocolate ("oh no... we couldn't possibly..." <<face plant>>):

    Act1966 White Modern Cuisine November 13 2014-img_20141113_221958.jpg

    I had a mahi-mahi main that was delicious with steamed vegetables... but my five picture limit is up and it was the least interesting to look at!

    We'd highly recommend White Modern... it isn't cheap and you have to like things experimental but we're going back again if we can get in!! There's a steak that was promised!
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    Glad u enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.
    I am drooling.

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    Good lord! It's because of great reviews and pictures like this that I have to surf the forum during lunch. I would eat my keyboard otherwise... wait, where's my mouse??

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    White Modern was all the rage when they first opened and it's been on my to go list but we just haven't made it there. Your post and photos make it all the more appealing!

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    "Modern White Cuisine" is on FB as well. There are delicious photos of meals and a great video of Aruba where the "Modern White" is mentioned as well, pointing out that all ingredients used are local:

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