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    Question All inclusive vs. not all inclusive

    Hello to all...

    My husband and I are currently contemplating a trip (1st time) to Aruba. We are only able to take 4 nights away so we want to make it stress-free. We have been offered a 4 night stay at the Marriot for $399 (just for the hotel stay) for both of us, and at the same time have been reviewing packages (flight+all inclusive) and are loving the Tam and the Divi. Just the flight would probably come in at about $700 for the both of us. In realtiy, our trip isn't long enough to go around the island, so we'd be happy with a beautiful beach, food and nothing to worry about (especially cooking). Before we make our decision, we at least would like to compare what it would cost just to eat and drink at the Marriot, or its vicinity. We wouldn't want to go to McDonalds, Taco Bell, etc... Any advice is greatly appriciated. Thank you in advanced.

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    I would say around $75-100 dollars per person, per day including meals, drinks, car rental, cab or bus to get to and from restaurants. Depends on where you go, what you like to eat and how much you like to drink. I would re-think your purpose you stated in your message-----"you want it to be stress free." With that thought, go to the Divi and Tamarijn and that's what you will find. See and for pix and info. Your oceanfront room at the Tamarijn is only 7 to 15 steps from your patio to the sand, depending on room. If you don't mind a 3-5 minute walk to restaurants, get the 1900 to 2500 room blocks, 1st floor, better beach there. All you can eat, all you can drink, free nightly entertainment at both resorts for guests, free golf cart ride back and forth to divi/tam/alhambra casino, 8 restaurants, 6 beach bars. bars open 11 AM to 1 AM, food available 7 am to 1 am every day and 24 hour coffee/tea/hot chocolate station. Can you see where I am going with this and where you should be going to?

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