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Thread: Amazonia Bound

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    Manchebo Beach and The Pega Pega Bar!
    Quote Originally Posted by tds-ken View Post
    Hey Heather,

    Have you ever tried the Tortoise and the Haitian, it is rather new and a little outside of Oranjestad. They have a great bar area and the meat is flown in from Argentina and Brazil! They have some signature drink, Orange Favored ice something. ( my wife loves them). I think the salad bar without question is at least 1 and half times the size of Texas de Brazil's. After 9:30 they have live music. Just terrific.

    Hope to see you there!!!!!!!
    I have not tried the Tortoise, but def. will put it on my list for next year! Thanks for the suggestions....I REALLY am low maintenance when it comes to my food, and I DON'T mind paying alot if the food and service is good......I'll give it a shot!

    Thanks again!

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    Catashi, thats were our rented bungalow is. Our fav beach is Rogersbeach. Our favorite hangout, the Cigar Lounge of Ruben de Lange.
    We had it all, salad bar and all the meat, it was super, service was great, price??, were from the Netherlands, dollar against the Euro, so it was cheap.

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    Love God,

    You give your dimensions and you are neither man nor beast, you're a GOD. Amazonia will feed you well. I pity their net profits, which you will consume with joy and gusto.

    Buen proveche!
    Aruba's Novelist in Residence (sometimes)

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