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    Amazonia - Churrascaria

    This is our first trip to Aruba and here is a summary of our Amazonia experience last night.

    The place is well decorated and pleasant both inside and outside. The staff seems pretty good except we had a trainee and he was not even sure how to open our bottle of wine but all the people were very nice.
    It is a prix fixe menu which is $45 to that you can add the price of beverages and also desserts and of course taxes and service.
    The Churascaria for those who do not know is a bbq restaurant. You start with a buffet of starters and then all-u-can-eat meat with a great variety, brazilian style.
    We are familiar with this type of restaurant and can confidently say that Amazonia is a good "Rodizio".

    Their starters buffet is not exceptional but was good both in quality and variety, I had sushi, grilled peppers and artichokes antipasto style, coleslaw, cherry tomatoes and marinated mozzarella. There were also hot dishes like beef strogonoff and pumpkin soup. Now the reall stuff: The meats were all excellent, we had beef (ribeye, top sirloin, sirloin or "pinata" the house specialty), there was some chicken but i tend to stay away from it in rodizios, bacon wrapped filet mignon, parmesan pork (a bit dry but it always is) and some excellent lamb chops and roast leg of lamb. To go with it they had some homemade hot sauces, I tried the papaya chili sauce and it was really good. To accompany the meat we had an Argentinian cabernet sauvignon ($37) from the family Zuccardi, very good indeed. I actually recommend their wines, this winemaker also makes an excellent Malbec ($50 at this place).

    I was tempted and quickly succumbed to their Creme brulee for dessert, again excellent!

    I was there with my wife and our 3 year old daughter who did not pay. I think kids 6-12 pay 50%.

    Overall a very good experience!

    Let us know if you liked it too.
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    We visit amazonia a couple of times. We really like this restaurant. Nice atmosphere and goog food. Because we are come for the meat we pass the salad bar and wait patiently for the waiters come with the meat.
    Last time we visit Aruba we desided to go to Taxas de Brazil. It is the same principle. A little bit more expensive.

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    Texas cost more then Amazonia??
    I thought they were the same.

    Anyways- we have a 50% off Texas de Brazil. Wanted to try Amazonia but the 50% off coupon does make the decision for me.

    On arubacoupons there is a coupon for a free dessert at Amazonia- I wonder if it includes the desserts on the menu or is is a seperate dessert menu for the coupons.

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