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    Passions has been getting a lot of buzz, this season. My first suggestion would be Chef's Table, which re-opens September 23rd.

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    Ok, I'll apologize ahead of time, but Passions would not be my choice.
    We had reservations there a couple weeks ago based on recommendations on here (every other recommendation has been great by the way, keep em coming everybody) and we walked out.
    The beach area would be fantastic if it weren't 30 feet away from the Palapas and fat people in bikinis. Sorry, can't eat watching that and it's very hard to look away when they're 1,000lbs. I didn't go in the bathrooms, but they looked like outhouses. I asked the waiter and he said they werent', but plastic doors are plastic doors. I noticed the plastic champagne flutes and said "Let's hit it".
    Again, not slamming anyone's favorite place, but no way I'm paying those prices and not having top notch accomodations. We ended up going to Matthew's for the first time that night and very much enjoyed it.

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    If budget is not a consideration, I'd recommend Pampered in Paradise at the Hyatt. My husband and I had a romantic dinner with guitar serenade. Enjoyed it so much we also surprised our friends by gifting a dinner for two on their anniversary (15 years) when they joined us on a future trip.

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