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Thread: Aqua Grill

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    Aqua Grill

    Mrs. 44 and I enjoyed a nice supper at Aqua Grill last night. This is a 90% seafood place, which is difficult for me because I don't like fish. Anyway, started with crab cakes and a salad both very good. Mrs. 44 reports the crab cakes were loaded with real crab and they were not greasy like they can be. So, off to a solid start. She then had the sea bass with some vegetables. Tasty, perfectly cooked. I had a little steak, which was fine.

    Service here is on top of everything. Well worth the 15% service charge. The wine list offers plenty of choices, too, so check it out.

    Photos on the blog at:

    Bon dia.

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    There's an Aqua Grill right over the Sagamore Bridge on Cape Cod, is this a sister restaurant or just a coincidental name?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattnewhampshire View Post
    There's an Aqua Grill right over the Sagamore Bridge on Cape Cod, is this a sister restaurant or just a coincidental name?

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    I think there have some relations to a Aqua Grill Restaurant in NY if I remember right

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    Aqua Grill in NYC has an amazing oyster menu if you are into oysters.
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    Aqua Grill is a wonderful resturant. Always a good meal. Terrific wine selection as well!

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    We had a great meal at the Aqua Grill a couple of years ago but found it much too noisy for our taste. Too many hard surfaces for the sound to bounce off.

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    We ate there for the first time on our recent trip. The food was wonderful. I had red snapper and my husband had grouper, and both were equally delicious. It was our favorite meal on this trip.

    As an aside, we had a very lovely waitress, and my husband recognized her from her picture being in our sons' rooms. Nine years ago, when our boys were 10 and 14 they wanted to eat at Hooters. It was in the big building near downtown, not its current location. Our waitress then was cute as a button, and made over the boys. I took her aside and asked her if I could get her picture with the boys, and she said sure. I was thinking just a cute table-side picture with her. But no, it turned out to be a much bigger production. She came and got the boys up, and started ringing a bell. All the waitresses stopped what they were doing and lined up around the boys, and took a couple of pictures. That was their favorite vacation picture, of course, but at the time, they were both red as beets. My husband told me he thought our Aqua Grill waitress was the same young woman. I thought it better that I ask her if she used to work at Hooters rather than him, worrying that she would think it was a dreadful come-on line. However, it turned she was the same waitress, and we all had a great laugh. She was quite surprised and pleased that her picture still adorns the boys' room all these years later.
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    Aqua grill was represented on the 1st Monday of the month AGA tasting. They served up some fantastic seared tuna.

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