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    Arrow Windows on Aruba Restaurant Hosts Weekly Art Auctions

    September 20th, 2010

    "Aruba is home to many fine artists of international repute; the subjects of their work often a reflection of the nature, people and culture of the island. Kenneth Faustin, an art connoisseur and certified auctioneer, has for some time wished to bring this talent and creativity to the attention of art loving island visitors, and with the collaboration of Divi Corporation, found an ideal venue for a weekly art auction at Windows on Aruba at the Divi Links.

    The inaugural auction combined with a wine and cheese party took place on Thursday, September 9. Every week, the current collection of works for sale will go on exhibit at 3:00 p.m. for viewing; bidding begins promptly at 4:00. “Our first event was very well attended,” commented Kenneth. “I have always believed there is a strong interest among island visitors to explore the local culture and talent in the hope of acquiring quality, original art that truly reflects the island mindset.”

    The first auction featured works by well known local artists Timothy Charles, Mo Mohammad, Hendrick Schouten, Gerda van Leeuwen, Danilo Geerman, Rosalie Klein and many others. The mediums deployed range from oils and acrylics to watercolors, block prints, silk paintings and photography. Those interested in a unique memento of Aruba are certain to find something to their taste. Aruba Art Auctions will stage this weekly event every Thursday, offering a diverse selection of original works; one couple who truly appreciate fine art left the first auction with four acquisitions.

    Windows on Aruba staff were pleased with the turnout, as were the bidders, who enjoyed vintage wines and cheese snacks while admiring and bidding on the art. A number of works traveled back to the U.S. this past weekend, where their owners will enjoy a special reminder of their favorite island. If you are looking for that very special piece you can display proudly, don’t miss this weeks event on Thursday afternoon.

    Story courtesy of The Morning News"

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    Was there today to join the auction, but it was cancelled .
    They said it might !!! come back next week.

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    Great info here about Aruba artwork. Getting ready to decorate our new house, has me thinking we need some island vibes!
    Another site I saw on The View is They take your pictures and make art out of them, hard to describe but I am looking through our Aruba pics to see if I have one I want done.

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