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    Aruba on Facebook California food and wine!

    Chefs from Aruba visit california food/wine event!!!

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    more pebble beach "fine dining" talk

    Thousands in Pebble Beach get a taste of 'casual' and unusual fine dining

    Thousands get a taste of 'casual' and unusual fine dining
    Herald Correspondent
    Posted: 05/01/2011 01:41:30 AM PDT

    As two assistants helped celebrity chef and Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio wrest the spit from one of four small lambs they began roasting at 7 a.m. Saturday for the Lexus Grand Tasting at Pebble Beach Food & Wine, a passer-by shouted a question.

    "Hey Tom, what is that?"

    "Dog," quipped the founder of Gramercy Tavern and the Craft Restaurant empire. His hands and eyes never left the well-spiced lamb.

    "Ha! What kind of dog," the well-dressed man fired back, wine glass in hand.

    "Free-range dog, of course," Colicchio joked, glancing up with a grin. "Nothing but the best."

    The New Yorker was one of 30 chefs invited to serve sumptuous small bites to a crowd of 2,500 guests at Saturday's Grand Tasting. Hosted under a luxurious tent parked at the Pebble Beach Equestrian Center, the glamorous setting included at least 200 wineries pouring 500 different wines.

    Rustic dishes with thoughtfully melded flavors like the lamb Colicchio sliced and served atop green chickpeas, cucumber salad and caramelized yogurt were dished up throughout the tent. Many chefs emphasized local, seasonal produce as well as products created with sustainable, sometimes organic, practices.

    "I definitely picked up on many casual presentations made with sophisticated ingredients," said David Bernahl, co-founder of the festival.

    "It's taking fine dining and making it something that's just a little more approachable by how you're preparing and building your dish."


    Monterey chef Brian Overhauser was one of several chefs who served tacos. His small tortilla shells held duck confit prepared Peking-style with scallions sprinkled on top.
    "I wanted to stay true to the heritage of Salinas Valley," he said. "And I love tacos. Let's face it, we've got the best tacos anywhere."

    Several chefs created tamales Saturday. Dallas chef Stephen Pyles suggested that tacos and tamales are easy to eat at crowded festivals. He served a goat cheese oxtail tamale alongside barbecued short ribs and grapefruit jicama salad.

    "It's very in fashion," he said. One of the five cookbooks Pyles has written is called "Tamales."

    "Hispanic food is a big deal right now," he said.

    Colorful lounge spaces, funky lighting and hip background music set the stage for the three-hour fete most guests agreed was worth the $200 entry fee.

    "What I love about this festival is that if you go to a lunch, you meet some of the people involved with the wineries and the chefs and you develop a bond," said Brian De Christopher, a former San Francisco Bay Area resident who traveled from Boston for the festival.

    "Then you come to the Grand Tasting and see all the people again. So even though this is happening on a big scale, it's kind of a small world."

    Each of the 25 chefs had a reason for serving the dish they chose Saturday.

    Miguel Garcia, executive chef of The Occidental Grand hotel in Aruba, served lemon chicken with Aruban grill sauce and papaya spicy sauce as a garnish.

    "This dish is really typical from Aruba. You can pretty much get it in any place in Aruba," Garcia said. "Mainly when people try things like this, they feel comfortable traveling to Aruba."

    Garcia shared a booth with the Aruba Tourism Authority, whose representatives touted the island's 200 restaurants as a reason for visitors to travel to the Caribbean. Sean Shelton, the sous chef at Spanish Bay's Peppoli restaurant, served lamb sausage topped with a cannellini puree and a mint salsa verde.

    Peppoli makes several sausages in house, a unique feature Shelton explained to many inquiring guests.

    "I've recently taken a class in charcuterie and I've been having a good time with it," he said. Charcuterie is a branch of cooking dedicated to preparing meat products.

    Shelton said he has worked as an assistant at Pebble Beach Food & Wine since its inception in 2008, but was featured in his own booth only this year.

    "I'm happy to be from here and doing something like this here," said the Hollister native. "Doing what I do for a living, it's kind of one of those things that you've got to do these events and always be climbing up."

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