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Thread: the aruban chef

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    the aruban chef

    want to have some home cooked aruban food. I heard about the aruban chef? also noose cucunu? any help would be great thanks....

    Also looking for places that are on the cheaper end for dinner if thats possible??

    Smokey joes?

    Any sushi places?

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    Cheap & Local Dining
    click above link for info on inexpensive dining options.

    Nos Conucu is inexpensive and very aruban.
    directions....heading inland from the roundabout/rotary near the texaco station and former taxi dispatch office...head inland. continue past the fire/police headquarters. at the roundabout turn right. follow that road for less than a half mile and Nos Conucu's street will be on the left. you have gone too far if you come to a hardware store on your right. it is tricky to find. if you go by taxi, the taxi drivers will know where it is.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Has anyone been to the Aruban Chef?

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