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    Aruban Nautical History

    I was doing some research for another novel I want to write (someday) and came across and interesting fact that I'll get to here in a second.

    If you remember the movie Master and Commander, well Jack Aubrey's ship is the HMS Surprise. The Surprise was originally (according to my readings) built as L'Unite by the French at Le Havre. She was captured by the British, rearmed, and renamed.

    Now the Aruba connection. Among her many cruises, in 1799 the Surprise captured a french schooner (Nancy) bound for Curacao and then on October 15, 1799, the Surprise cut out a 10 gun Dutch schooner here in Aruba and captured it.

    So, it all does come back to Aruba.

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    very interesting reading

    doesn't "everything" come back to aruba??? ;-)


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