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    B55 BBQ Special?

    Anyone ever been to this? Can you give me any information about it (cost, what you get? Is it fresh or sitting out type BBQ), etc...

    Debating whether it is worth using up one of our precious evening meals going there...

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    Two experiences with B55...first, we arrived with a party of 7 at about 20 minutes before their posted closing hours...we were turned away by a not-so-friendly woman who said that the rule is not that we are seated by the time they close, but that we have completely finished our meal and are out the door by closing hours posted (so rigid and we sorta felt like we were being scolded)...we found this very odd, as that is not normal for most restaurants, and the woman was very cold and unfriendly.
    Went back on our next visit for was just okay, and I felt actually guilty for spending my money with them since they were so rude last time.
    My suggestion is a new find for us: Hollywood Smokehouse Diner...this is REAL bbq, smoked for long owned, friendly and casual place in San Nicolas--they were genuinely glad to have us, made us feel at home, and didn't scold us..haha

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    We have been to B55 many times and have always had great and friendly service, delicious food, and terrific prices. Their Sunday barbecue is delicious and tons of good homemade barbecue food. Can't remember the exact cost but it was very reasonable and very good!!

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