Lighting - the planters on the beach all lit up at dusk. There were white "Christmas lights" on the trees and every table had a candle that they managed to keep from blowing out by keeping in a deep vase. We had a 5:45 reservation and it wasn't crowded at all so we got pretty much first dibs of table (we chose right on the beach, front row). "Inside" tables - open pavilion with sand in center - looked great too.
Sun didn't set until 7 something so we didn't ever really need the light - was just getting dark as we were leaving. Service here was AMAZING. Food was excellent. We didn't get much of a sunset due to clouds, but view was still great (as was 5 hours without kids!) I assume it was owner or else maybe manager was personally by every table greeting, conversating and making sure everything was great. Waitstaff was awesome. It was easy to find and there is a great beach and boardwalk to walk along right there too.