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Thread: Bavaria

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    That little cat is "TUX." He's getting more tame each week.

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    Thanks for posting the info and video. It looks like a fun place to try for a change of pace. I'm not sure I could drink the stein of beer, but it could be fun trying.
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    Totally Agree with Review - Nice Video

    "Authentic Food - Welcoming Atmosphere"
    Enjoyed this "find" in 2010 so much, we went twice during our 2011 visit to Aruba. Owners and staff are truly as welcoming as the friendly people of Bavaria; the food is so deliciously authentic it takes us back to our many memorable trips to Germany's southern region. Have made Bavaria a "must" for our annual vacations to the island. Will be back again in May 2012.

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    I know this is a very old post but I was looking for post and reviews on Bavaria. Is this place near a bus stop? I read that it's on the other side of highway?

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    easy peasy ace

    i think it is near a bus stop, but it might be a 5 minute walk from the bus stop near the occidental

    you know the road wacky wahoo is on? it is palm beach rd.
    BAVARIA restaurant is located at the intersection of Palm beach rd and the main highway.
    (Quickie Lickie Laundry, KFC, Bavaria, Mini Mart)

    see map

    Quote Originally Posted by ace2063 View Post
    I know this is a very old post but I was looking for post and reviews on Bavaria. Is this place near a bus stop? I read that it's on the other side of highway?
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    Wendy's is also in the "strip"
    its a super busy intersection
    cab it!

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    This is a very old post but Bavaria Aruba is a very, very good restaurant. Far better than many of the other ones that are always mentioned on Facebook or these forums. With so many choices on the island, it says a lot that for the past two years we've ended up going TWICE for dinner each week because we like the food and German beer so much. Best bet is the Schweinshake (ham hock), but call ahead to make sure it's available. Outstanding!


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    This restaurant also offers a fantastic Thai menu. They used to own a Thai restaurant next door and have retained both their German and Thai chef. Really, really good food, all made to order! VERY friendly owners...give it a try, you will not be sorry.

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    I always get the beef roulade. And of course several different German beers for the fun of it. Also on our list of restaurants and we visit at least once per two week visit. Outstanding German cuisine. My wife is German so I have perspective on the matter...

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