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    Any Aruba beach...
    Quote Originally Posted by garyiryna View Post
    Mabbi what did you think about Pirates Nest?
    The post is from 04-01-2009

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    Boca Catalina, Arashi Beach Manchebo Beach, Eagle Beach
    Simply Fish at the Marriott is very nice also. We had a front row seat beside that water and a beautiful sunset. Love eating with my toes in the sand.

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    I have been wondering about all these restaurants as well, there's just so many choices! So far I have made reservations at Madame Janette's (who sent a really nice email saying it's ok to bring my baby and they will be ready for us with a high chair. I'm sure that's usual but it just made me feel special, lol!) and Marandi's. I was torn between Passions, Old Man and the Sea and Marandi's and chose Marandi's based on reviews that the food is really good and although it's not on the beach but on a pier (or am I mixed up?) the view and service are worth it.
    I've tried to make a reservation at Wacky Wahoo's but can't seem to see the link online to do so. I also can't seem to make the one at Marandi's. I just double checked and it says internet reservations one week in advance but there's no link.
    I'm making these reservations for week 2 of our trip as I want my sister Jesse arriving on the 25th to enjoy them too.
    I have read really good things about the Kitchen, Paco Paco and Pizza Bob's as well and will go there week one and perhaps week 2 as well since they don't seem to require reservations and are more budget friendly.
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    The Kitchen is take out only and has excellent inexpensive food.
    Pago Pago is excellent too, albeit a bit pricey.

    Re: dining on the beach...............a great alternative is MATTHEWS beachside restaurant at casa del mar. your group can sit right there beachside with the convenience of a floor and not sand. perfect sunset views.

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