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Thread: best drink?

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    best drink

    we had grandma joes lemonade at iguana joes. WOuld love to know how to make one. They were awesome and served in a half carafe. Yum Yum
    Next Aruba trip in

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    Baby Beach -just to be lazy and float on my raft and snorkle too
    Brown Lady is also my favorite. Be careful they sneak up on you, taste great, and cannot really taste strong alcohol but after 2 or 3, you feel a little unsteady.

    Any of the 2 ro 1 drinks at happy hour have been very tasty.

    Amstel Bright is my beer of choice while Aruba.

    The frozen drinks are my favorite.


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    I usually start the day in Aruba with a maimi vice around noontime (somewhere). Then I am on to the Aruba Ariba. I have tried some others but those are my favorites so far!! I am definitely going to try the Brown Lady next time. I have also heard the Green Iquana is supposed to be good. I am just counting the days down until November 7th!!!! I bought my travel mugs for the all inclusive drinks and my floats at a discount today!! WoooHoooo Here I come Aruba sunshine!!!

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