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    need suggestions for some fun and good restaurants! Last time we enjoyed the Flying Fish the most! Papiamentos great but expensive! El Gaucho a disappointment

    We always found Que Pasa to be fun and reasonably priced.

    Someone I travel with has a gluten intolerance (no wheat, barley, flour, rye, etc) which makes dining out difficult at times. Que Pasa always goes above and beyond for her, making as many accomodations as they can for her.

    Another thing we like about Que Pasa is that even if something isnt on the menu or listed as a special, if we ask for something specific and they have it, the chef will prepare it! I am also a huge fan of escargot and their escargot au gratin is awesome!

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    I keep trying to pull up Papiamentos menu and I can't or even there website anyone know why???? what would you compare their prices too...



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    old man and the sea

    We ate at Old Man and the Sea and thought it was the most romantic restaurant we'd been to in our 10 years visiting Aruba. The food was good too, but the atmoshere was fabulous. A definite if your are on your honeymoon.

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