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    I totally agree with chef Kasi, I like my warm water lobster simple. Split and grilled with garlic/lime butter is perfect. Northern lobster and warm water lobsters are as similar as chickens and turkeys, they kinda look alike but thats where the similarity ends. If its a tail (warm water) it's probably a frozen import, same as anywhere in the states. If its a live clawed "maine" lobster its a recently flown down creature from the US. Either/or any lobster served in Aruba will be fine with me.

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    I'm not a lobster fan but my hubby is. He likes the "sweetness" of the carribean lobster and usually orders it twice a trip. He'll order it plain grilled from Driftwood (and will sprinkle on lemon and butter) and usually gets the Gianni Versace plate at Madame Janette's (delicious).

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