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Thread: Best restaurants to dine solo??

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    welcome to the community forum

    the original poster skbrandon is not returning til feb 10 and maybe she will post her experiences

    i would recommend:
    Madam Janettes
    Cilo downtown has great food and is in a very busy outdoor location, makes for most interesting people watching.

    reread this thread for great ideas already listed

    Quote Originally Posted by dushi110 View Post
    Would love to know how you made out in aruba solo. Going this wednesday 2/6/13 for 4 nights alone. Was wondering if you had any good restaurant recommendations.. Looking for great food, bar seating, price is not important as long as the food warrants it. I'm 35 female from NYC, dining alone is common for me, just dont know where to go.. Help!!!
    Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by skbrandon View Post
    Thank you all so much for your suggestions! I will be in Aruba in less than 3 weeks, and I can't wait! Here's my list of the restaurants where I will be dining -- some tried and true, some new ventures, some I'll-give-'em-one-last-chance-before-I-take-my-hard-earned-bucks-someplace-else:

    Smokey Joe's
    Linda's Pancakes & Pizzas
    El Gaucho (for lunch)
    Islander Grill (breakfast/all-you-can-eat ribs on Wednesday nights)
    Tango Argentine Grill
    The Blue Lobster
    Madame Janette
    Le Bistro/Taste of Belgium (haven't decided which one yet; probably for lunch too)
    Le Petit Cafe
    CILO Lounge (for drinks and people-watching)

    Any thoughts?
    I know -- it's been a while since I've been back. Sorry I haven't posted...
    Here's my input...
    I didn't get to Smokey Joe's or Le Bistro this year...maybe next time...
    Didn't get to El Gaucho either. I only go there for the lunch specials, and they didn't rock my boat this year. Maybe once the tram gets up and running, so I don't have to spend $12 each way for cabfare.
    First time at Linda's. I ate a pizza there, and took a pancake home. Man those pancakes are HUGE! I recommend going there early in your trip. That pancake will be your breakfast for the next *couple* of days. I got bacon, apple, and rum-soaked raisins. Yum!
    Islander Grill is good for days I don't feel like venturing out from LaCabana. Stupid me fell asleep with wet hair and caught cold! Feed a cold (starve a fever), so I still had the ribs!
    Buccaneer, Gostoso, Madame Janette -- just ok. Jury's still out. And MJ is too expensive for a "just ok" meal.
    Tango - I always like them. The wait staff are very friendly. And the steaks are great. I added a lobster tail (just cause I felt like it). Had enough left for a doggie bag!
    The Blue Lobster - I always like them too. They all remember me from last year. Didn't think I was particularly unique, but it's nice to feel that way over a(nother) lobster tail. They even made me a French onion soup that's not on the specials menu. Nice touch!
    Driftwood - I always like them too. And they all seem to remember me too. They now open at 5pm instead of 530.
    Taste of Belgium - first time there. Great place to wind down after shopping. And the food was nice.
    Le Petit Cafe - I don't know why the downtown one closed, but the one by Playa Linda hits the spot for me.
    Gasparito - lovely family-owned restaurant. Always one of my favorites. And the keshi yena is yum yum yummy!
    CILO Lounge is a great place to people-watch. And the food is nice. The servings are a bit small if you're, let's say, over-appetited (is that even a word? I doubt it), but it was just enough for me. And the lime daiquiri was a nice different touch. I'll definitely make it back there.
    Just another note - if you're alone and want attentive service, go early. Find out when the restaurant opens for dinner, and make the first reservation. If open for lunch too - get there before 5.

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