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    Big Saventa Chinese Restaurant

    Hello all,

    I was wondering if anyone has been to any of the large Chinese restaurants on the main road in Saventa. They look very authentic to me. I only glanced at them from the outside while driving across the island. I was surprised to see about 5 of these chinese restuants, a short distance from each other.
    Looked a bit like there was a mini chinatown in Saventa.

    I have read great reviews of the Paris restuaurant in Oranjestad, but does SanNic or anyone else have any info on these little gems. I can't find ANYTHING.

    Update: I think it was called Hoi Sing Chinese Restaurant
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    We've been to the Paris restaurant downtown several times in the past. Great and inexpensive place. We were the only tourists in the place.

    Only other Chinese restaurant I've been to on the island is New Wei Tai in Noord. Did take out there a few times and it was very good.
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    Our favorite place on the island, is the great beach at the Boca Grandi. The water is the best, and its very quiet.

    We had a fantastic meal at AMAZING in SAN NIC. Its not a Chinese rest. but it was an incredible dinner. Its worth a try if your in San Nic. Their prices are very reasonable. When we were there in March, they didn't open until 6pm.

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    If you're talking about the Chinese restaurant on the main road next to the S. Chow grocery and across the street from the police station and the Valero gas station, yes, that would be Hoi Sing.

    I've had take out and eat in at Hoi Sing. It is different from what many Americans will think of as "chinese" food. The fried rice dishes are similar, but the others are quite different.

    The most similar to what is thought of as Chinese in North America would be a J.H. Yees, near the hotels. The rest of the Chinese restaurants that I have tried on the island are something else entirely. I may have missed some, but at about a dozen, the results have been the same.

    Enjoy every meal.

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    Thumbs up Chinese Restaurants

    Hello SanNic44,

    I loved the Peking Duck at JH Yees! I couldn't get into Blossoms that night, but if its better than JH Yees, then wow.

    I have been to China a couple of times, and can say I am fan of some of the "authentic" dishes there. Twice cooked pork or Whole Steamed Fish comes to mind....

    On the other hand, I always pass on the scorpion on a stick type of stuff.
    Too authentic for me.

    When you say "something else entirely" I think of this level of authentic.

    I will probably take everyone's advice next time I am on the island and stick to Paris, JH Yees, and a couple of others I've heard mentioned already.

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