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Thread: Bingo!

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    My husband and I went to Bingo's Monday night. We split an order of coconut shrimp that was the best we have ever had- they served it with chile sauce that was really good. We then each had the small filet with baked potato,yummy vegetables. With 1 chill bill was 70 with tip. Really liked it- will be back. Have to say the staff here was all very friendly!

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    I agree, the staff at Bingo are very nice. I ate there my last trip and enjoyed it.

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    We enjoy Bingo too. We ate there last week.

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    So much coconut shrimp talk lately...making me crave!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    We had the coconut shrimp last week and agree, it was hands down best we've ever had! And our waiter was very cute and fun. Hoping to make it back there before we leave. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

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    yummmmm, coconut shrimp.
    glad your bingo experience was positive

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    We've been going to Bingo since they first opened around 2005 - it's still one of our favorites for both food and service. We go there multiple times during our trips for dinner and sometimes just like to hang out at night with the locals for drinks at the bar.
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    I haven't been to Bingo in several years but have added it back to our list for July. Really excited to eat there again!

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    I think you all convinced me to put it on my list for next trip. I ate there once and had the lamb shank which was awesome. One of the things I like about Bingoes is that on their menu you can order a small or large portion of an appetizer, entry or dessert. I always wanted to try their coconut shrimp but on curious about their shrimp escargot style. I've never seen this in any restaurant menu so it must be a good appetizer dipping shrimp into garlic butter instead of snails.

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