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    I see this is both Japanese and Chinese, can anyone give me a little insight, have a couple of people who love sushi and as well as others like chinese. I also see they have a hibatchi table. I guess you can order and chef will cook in front of you, Is that how that works? Just curious , would like some info from anyone who has been there. Is it a short walk from the radisson, is there a pathway behind the radisson to bring you to that resort, or do you walk out the front way ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Hi Kathy
    We go to Blossom's every time we are in Aruba. The food is really good, both the sushi and the hibachi. You sit at the table and the chef puts on a pretty cool show, which makes for nice photos. The service is excellent as well. I think it's a little pricey if I remember correctly, but they always have top quality food so in my opinion it's worth it.
    It is in the Westin, not sure if that gives you any insight on the distance. Have fun & Enjoy!

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    i have eaten there also, on both of our last trips to aruba. first time we ate at the hibachi(it is really call teppenyaki table) enjoyed the show and the food was very good. my son is a teppanyaki freak so i have eaten at many of these places and blossoms was definately one of the better ones. lol the last trip we tried the sit down area and ordered off the chinese menu. the food again was really good. son really loved the general tso's chicken and hubby loved his dish(dont remember what he got but i remember he didnt want to i got brave and ordered peking duck----if your a peking duck lover you know you dont order this dish just anywhere....if done wrong duck is very their duck was amazing! not only beautifully presented but also perfectly cook with no fat left...carved impeccibly! i loved it and had to fight off my hubby, who is not a duck lover, and my son! we loved going both times.

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    The food is great ,prices are high and portions are small.Service is very good.

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    Smile Behinna

    Behinna under hooters is cery good we try blossoms I kind the like Behinna ???try it is very good ,ginette

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    I have never had the sushi but have had the Chinese and Japanese. The Chinese is very good but they "portion" control the food. They will serve you each dish if you are all sharing the dishes. It is also on the expensive side.

    The Japanese at the hibachi table has good food but also very portion controlled. It also is very expensive so we go for the early bird special. As an example, early bird special is $17 and you have the choice of steak, chicken or salmon compared to $32 for steak (early bird is sirloin and regular is Fillet) and the other choices are shrimp, and all types of combination of the meat, chicken, fish or seafood. Both early and regular includes a soup, small salad and a scoop of ice cream at the end. The show is fun and the food tastes better there than if you order it and sit elsewhere. For example, we have not sat at the Hibachi table three times but ordered the rice they make at the Japanese side and it never tastes the same. If you sit at the Hibachi table you can order off the other menus if most of your group is doing Japanese.

    They are very fast and you don't dine as you will be in and out in under 1 1/2 hour, guaranteed. IMO, this is a good restaurant but pricey. For $32 I would rather go to L.G. Smith Steak house and have a full dining experience for the same money which is why we will go to the early bird on one of our first days when we don't want to stay out all day in the sun.
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    We've eaten there twice and were happy with it. We had both the Chinese and the sushi. You can walk to it from the Radisson on that back walkway. It takes you right to the Westin. Enjoy!

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