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Thread: Brasas y Leņas

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    Brasas y Leņas

    Brasas y Leņas is an open air grill joint located on the Paradera traffic circle. Can't miss it there.

    You park, roll up to the counter, and order from the menu which is posted there. Take your choice from chicken, steak, ribs, all hot off the grill, served with fries, rice, potato salad, cole slaw, and such. Sauces are served on the side for extra flavor.

    I've tried this place three times now. Once for lunch, eaten at the counter, and two times for take out supper. The charcoal cooked flavor is right there, especially noticeable in the chicken. The ribs are "dry" style. The steak is usually sliced thin, cooked well-done, and yet not as tough as you would expect.

    You might consider this place for take out on the way back from a beach or excursion out and about the island. The prices are very reasonable. Check out photos and stuff at this link:

    Bon dia.

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    Not to sure where the paradera circle is is the food as good as King Ribs was? Great photos by the way.
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