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I felt uncomfortable when I have been reading this thread. My husband who owned a resturant in the states sold his business and they also stole his entire menu which was not part of the agreement.
This happens all the time - cooks come and go. It's like any other job - you get experience and go to another job or strike out on your own. The food industry is no different.

I'm just feeling uneasy about this because we are only hearing one side of the story. It's sad that when Harold left it was taken to heart. But I have left computer consulting jobs and people have taken it to heart but there was more opportunity for me in another job and better pay. I don't think the food business is known for great pay as cook. At least in the US, they don't pay that great unless you are working for yourself which again is just like other industries.

Just my 2 cents - I don't think Harold is on the boards and it doesn't seem fair to post something of this nature on the board.
Whatever went on b/w those 2 sounds emotionally packed and really not any of our business.
I think Angela explained it correctly and accurately. This has nothing to do with wanting to better yourself, it's expected. It's when it's done in the wrong fashion that creates an issue. Case and point - I'm an Engineer in the IT industry and left a global company to go work for the NY Fed, I left the Fed and came back to my original company I worked for. Is this expected? Of course, I wanted to gain more knowledge and needed to be more challenged. Did I hurt anyone along the way? No. I burned no bridges that's why I am back at my original company. Now if I were to take anything from either one of these places and brought them to the other that would be wrong and in my case illegal. I agree everyone has a right to their opinion and that's what the thread is here for, to opinionate.