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Thread: Buccaneer??

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    Went to Buccaneer many years ago when kids were small. It was a great experience with all the aquariums and atmosphere. Going next week with my kids and grandkids and want to know if it is still as good as it was then, or even if it still exists.

    Appreciate a quick response from those that know. Leaving May 8th and can't wait.


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    still there and has not changed in last 10 years we have been going to aruba. still has fish tanks, reasonable prices and reasonable food. sure the grandkids willlove the tanks.

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    Just took the grandchildren, for the Buccaneer experience, a couple of weeks ago. Still the same after all these years....the kids loved the marine creatures and I loved the food!!!!!!!!! I love to eat.

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    We used to go quite a bit years ago, but got out of the routine. We went back a year ago or so, and it did not have the same memories that I once had. It used to be the premium place on the Island, I do not feel it has kept up, just my opinion.

    Have a blast!!!!!

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    had a wonderful dinner last night at buccaneer.
    5 of our group had barracuda with a creole sauce, side salad, potatoes, cabbage, grilled veggies.
    paul and i each had poached grouper with salad and the other stuff.

    everything delicious and with a coupon in the little switzerland bad a free glass of wine for everyone.

    including the 15% service charge the bill was under $150 and we did levae an additional tip

    delicious food
    good service
    and WE MET ANGELA!

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    moomba, stellaris casino, baby beach,
    lovely! makes my mouth water....although my last visit didn't go too well due to a rude ignorant elderly patron.
    my son had the sniffles and let out a few loud sneezes (with mucus exposed at times) and the man patron had to nerve to make unnecessary and racist comments.
    granted, it must have been an unsightly event, but i did my best to quickly clean him up and apologize to the other patrons.
    if it wasn't for his wife - who scolded the hell out of him - i think i would've turned the table over his head.
    i don't think i've heard such a racist line since i was 12.
    i still get soooo worked up thinking about it.
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    I love the buccaneer. I have been going there every year at least once since they first opened many years ago. I always get the baracuda (if they have it), and I have never been disappointed. I know that many people have complained about the food not being good, but I have never had any problems with the food. Reasonably priced, good food and service, and a nice atmosphere. What more can you ask.
    First visited Aruba in 1972

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