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    Buccaneer's Frogs Legs

    Hi all....
    To everyone who has been to this restaraunt, knows of the unique cuisine on the menu :
    Frog Legs Broiled
    in Garlic butter sauce
    I was just wondering what everyone (who has tried them), thought of them. Personally, I think they're great ! (my wife, no so open minded)...however, she has ventured to attempt an ankle once or twice. Any thoughts ?

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    dear son has tried them numerous times
    loved them
    he does eat anything and will try anything!!!!!
    i tried one and honestly tasted so much like butter and garlic that the meat of the frog leg was very tasteless.

    have also tried the escargot and aside from the chewiness, all i taste is garlic and butter.

    buccaneer always has a great selection though for those that are adventurous.

    what i did not like though, was the bunch of little frog amputees sitting on the table in their wheelchairs glaring.

    ok really sick attempt at humor
    it is saturday
    i am depressed at being home instead of in aruba.

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