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    Hi Mark, congratulation with your BUSTER & CAFE CAPRI, best wishes from your friend in Aruba.......Bully.

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    Was a great place...only can get BETTER now !!! Best wishes Mark.

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    check out the "mascot" ! "little buster" has to be the cutest pup i have seen in a long time.
    i can see him now, being hugged and kissed by practically every patron at Busters.

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    Thanks for the kind words and little Buster is getting alot of comments from the girls on the island who saw his picture. He may make his TV debut this weekend on a commercial spot for the Pacquiao fight on local tv. Luvsun Rusty says hello, Lynne if you ever see a good last minute deal at the Rui let us know my wife and daughter still talk about that vacation. Cindyo I hope I'm on the island your next visit, I believe your husband help out the city next door to mine in the states with some flooding issues during a bad storm in Mass and RI a year ago. I live on the RI line and the only place I go out to eat is in RI and if possible once a month is a place called Spain in Cranston. If not in Aruba maybe at Spain in Cranston. Also I saw Bully's new house and they did a great job. He finished most of the inside and now will be doing some updates to the exterior. Never new he was a big motorcycle guy but if someone wants to see a nice custom bike ask him for a picture or maybe someone has one that could post.

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