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Thread: Cactus Jack

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    Cactus Jack

    Waiting to hear feedback on the new Cactus Jack Grill Shack in "the village" across from the Radisson. ????

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    DH loves it!!! He goes there when we are "on our own" (we spend alot of time in Aruba) and always gets the chicken caesar salad. He says that he especially likes that they grill the chicken fresh and there is plenty of it! He just looked over my shoulder and says there burger and fries are good as well.

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    We ate there in June. We both had the ribs and they were delicious! Our server was great too - very personable and efficient. We're looking forward to going again in a few weeks- we arrive on the 28th!

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    Not a fan at all. My wife and I ate there, I had the ribs she had the steak. They ribs were dry and had no flavor, her steak was all fat. For 25bucks a plate will never go back. We went to Smokey Joes about a week after Cactus, Smokey Joes ribs are 100% better tasting and better prices. On a good note the servers at Cactus were great and very nice, to bad the food needs more work.

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