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    Cafe Rembrandt - BRAVO!

    4 of us had dinner 2 evenings ago at Cafe Rembrandt . . . this is one place I would highly recommend - and to top it off, we took advantage of their 20% discount being there between 5pm and 6:30pm . . .
    - I had the pork schnitzel - good portion, cooked perfectly, and delicious
    - my wife had a red snapper feature - perfectly tender and delicious
    - our son had the beef filet - tender, juicy, and very tasty
    - our son's friend had the chicken teraki and he said it was amazing

    The staff is friendly, attentive, and proud of what they serve. The food is fairly priced and combined with the excellent quality and portions, the value is very good. I say BRAVO to Cafe Rembrandt . . . a place we will continue to go to every trip.

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    We also went there twice on our vacation. We were very pleased with the entire experience - food was excellent, staff excellent (even having a couple people with us that I wanted to slap, they dealt with it better than I would've been able to!). And you can't beat their prices (I just hope they don't catch wind and jack them up LOL)
    I'm glad you had the same experience we did!!

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    Rembrandt is awesome!

    We ate there and were tremendously impressed. Superb filetmignon with a sort of steak au poivre sauce for only $20. A lot of folks from CDM went last night - all had a wonderful time.

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    We were very pleased at Cafe Rembrandt - food is great and the prices are just right!
    -Eric, Karen and Mia-
    Aruba New Years 2017-18 12/28/17 - 1/3/18 (18th Trip)

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    Fri.night ribs are very good and only $10.

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