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    Casa Tua Downtown Oranjestad

    I just checked the web page for Casa Tua. From what I could see, it appears that the menu has gone upscale and it is no longer inexpensive dining. Is there anyone out there who has gone to Casa Tua downtown recently? If so, please provide a review.
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    Any Aruba beach...
    I just read in a trip report on another forum that somone had a disappointing meal at their Palm Beach location after a terrific experience there last year.

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    Palm Beach, The Marriotts lazy river
    We went to the palm beach one last april, it was really good. Was planning on going back in Feb



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    Quote Originally Posted by sunworshipperII View Post
    We went to the palm beach one last april, it was really good. Was planning on going back in Feb
    We haven't been to that one, robo was refering to the downtown one...its within walking distance to the Renn, and we had some terific meals there b4 they changed the menu. Just wondering anyone's take on the new and different menu downtown...cindyo

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    Casa downtown is open at 11am and has free wifi. Was there about 2 weeks ago had a great lunch. Not sure of the prices before the new menu but now your looking at 10 to 26usd a pizza, and 7 to 10usd for a salad. My wife and I loved it there food was great serves was great and will be going back im thinking next week. We did TRY to go the the one on palm beach and the lady there was very rude about saying they were not open yet, we are going to stay with the downtown one for now haha.

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