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    tds, arashi beach

    Casa Tua @ Palm Beach

    This might be a coincidence or not...

    On Wednesday night had a great pizza at Casa Tua and paid by American Express. Less than 12 hours later, someone attempted to make an online purchase at Apple Computer using this CC # and security code found on card American Express emailed me to let me know of suspected fraud with this card and did not approve purchase. I have my laptop with me in Aruba, and was on it when the email came through. Immediately called AE and cancelled card.

    Question to forum members - has anyone else had this same experience with your AE card or with CC used @ Casa Tua recently?

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    had this card been used prior to casa tua on island?

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    renaissance private island, iguana joe's, madame janettes..
    my wife used her visa cc at iguana joes and madame janettes a couple years ago..the folllowing year when we went back to aruba and ate at those two restauants the credit card we used to pay for the meals the prior year had a charge on them for the same night that we ate at those two restaurants even though we did not use that credit card there..the credit card company took the charges off the bill..they said someone could have copied the number down and when they saw your name on the reservation list for that night charged your card..but it was not like they bought something at another store like in your case..we are now very careful and only use one card when we need to but we mostly use cash now at restaurants..
    scott and tricia

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