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    Casa Vieja, with directions

    I managed a couple visits to Casa Vieja during the most recent sojourn. Mrs. 44 and I tried a few different dishes. She likes the fish filet which is a large slice of delicious fish, according to her, broiled up and served with rice and fries. Double the starch=double the fun. I'm still a big fan of the big platter, namely the Bandeja Paisa. A little of everything adding up to a whole lot.

    I made a video of how to get there, driving on the main highway, approaching the airport from the hotel area and continuing all the way there. Then you get to see the menu, close-ups of the Bandeja Paisa, and a quick hello to Maria, the owner.


    There's plenty of other things to order, including the daily soup which I see many locals eating. It ranges from tripe to oxtail. So, if your tastes run in that direction, belly up to the bar and order a bowl, which is generally the size of a helmet.



    PS: Snorkel Kent likes this place so it has to be good!
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    Arashi Beach, Malmok Beach, Eagle Beach.
    Looks good! Every Island I've been to I always go to were the locals eat but I have never done it in Aruba. Maybe I will go there for lunch straight from the airport when I arrive on Sep 24th.

    Its not far from the airport right?

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    palm beach, mangel halto for snorkling


    Its only 3 min from the airport. Dan is right on!! I LOVE this place so you know it has to be GOOD!!! If Dan says its good, then I know its GOOD!!!
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