Just saw those sad news on Amigoe website.
There is a photo as well:


Here is a google translation:

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Friday, September 25th, 2015 15:52

ORANGE CITY - The morning rush hour was diverted early this morning because of a blaze at the height of Tarabana. Police stopped cars at every fire department, Elmar and Arugas be able to do their work. Visible from afar were jet-black smoke. The fire raged in Casa Vieja restaurant and the adjacent tire repair shop. The fire brigade had difficulty to enter the tire location, the property was well protected against burglars. In the back of the shop saw the fire four containers full of tires. They had to break open the containers to extinguish the fire. The neighbors came with a fright, there were no personal accidents. Reportedly went to the fire before an explosion. Both locations are a total loss, according to the fire department, the fire which was attacked by three fire engines. On the cause and whether the owners are insured, the fire department could not say anything. That is a matter of insurance, according to the fire department.