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Thread: Casu Tua

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    Casu Tua

    We have friends that just came back, and they brought a ton of reading magazines. anyway, DH was going thru and said he could not find anything in regards to the Casa Tua across from the Radisson, that is still there, yes ?

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    Yes, its still there.

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    Yes, absolutely still there. It is on the corner at the Arawak Garden plaza across from Hard Rock Cafe. There is also one in Palm Plaza behind Paseo Harencia, one in Aventura Mall behind the Renaissance Mall . . . and one across the street from the Renaissance Hotel in the plaza . . . Our preference is still Arawak plaza b/c we have gotten to know the staff there real well. Say hello to Victor, Henrik, Herman, Marienta, and of course Samantha at the front door . . . and the others.

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