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    Chalet Suisse

    Ah, finally a great meal last nite. We all enjoyed our dinner, all 16 of us. So far the best meal. I had the lamb chops, rob had the steak, niece had the grouper, other niece had the wiener snitzle, all raved about it....FInally,a great meal had by all. The waiter was able to seperate the bill by family, worked well i must say. Every family had a number, so family #1 ordered frist and he took that, then so on and so forth. This method has worked very well for us since my nephew is a big appetizer eatter we all don't get stuck with his bill and alcohol. We had a private room and our own waiter for the nite. The place was packed as we left at 8, so if you're interested in going make those reservations now.
    Other restuaurant reports from my relatives...Pinchos has a larger menu now and my niece loved it, my aunt loved La teratzza, aunt also loved Ruth Chris and is on her 3rd visit in 2 weeks( not me, to expensive) Que Pasa was loved by my nephew, and a new one to us was The Grill House, some little place near the Ren.. My nephew found it as it was recommended by the bartender here. Had a fabulous breakfast at Aquairius the other day Super breakfast buffet for 18.95, kids half price...
    On another note, Celia, the concierge at the Ren towers retired last Thurs. We have used her many times and have had a great friendship with her. We will miss her smiling face.
    As I said b4 we will do the depalm boat today. Wish us luck as we will have my grand neice(17 mts) with us who has been a wild woman these past 2 weeks. She is off and running this year and has a large mind of her own. Very entertaining to us, not to her mom. She stood in the fountain at the new Casa tua the other nite, thank god there was no water in it yet. She chases the birds, screams, eats sandy goldfish, tires to grab everyones cocktaiks, jumps out of her carriage at a whim, pulls things off the shelves in the stores...cute as a button though, and ya have to laugh. So, stay tuned for the boat adventures.
    Take care, our 2 weeks are ending friday and we return to boston on the 4:10 flight to Logan.
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob o View Post
    Take care, our 2 weeks are ending friday and we return to boston on the 4:10 flight to Logan. Cindyo
    Safe flight Cindy and family. Time has flown, but I am sure I am not the only one who loved reading your blow by blow reports. ... have to go rest now after reading about your grand niece!

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