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    Chalet Suisse Restaurant

    The night before we left for home, we drove over to Chalet Suisse for our farewell dinner. It was a Monday and tried calling all day to make a reservation. Normally if it is earlier in the afternoon, you get a recording to make your reservation. I tried calling again around 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. and no answer. When we were ready to leave the hotel, we decided to take a ride over anyway even though we did not have a reservation. Benny the gentleman that seats you has known us for many years so we did not think it would be a problem going over without a reservation. As we approached Chalet Suisse, the lights were out. It was 8 p.m. and we were hungry. I suggested we try LG Smith Steak House as it was late and felt like a nice steak dinner with a nice atmosphere. Low and behold, we were thrilled with the food, service and atmosphere. They were not too busy and what a pleasant experience it was What a nice send off before we flew home the next afternoon. Getting back to Chalet Suisse - I had heard that they had taken their vacation in August and was surprised they were closed on a Monday night since they are closed on Sunday. Does anyone know if Chalet Suisse is open?
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    Hi Karen - Chalet Suisse is closed for vacation - Sept. 1-21. Glad that you enjoyed your dinner at L.G's.

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