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Thread: Chez Mathilde??

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    Never been there as when i am in Aruba, i do not feel like getting all dressed up for an evening out.
    Great information.
    Thanks Jorge

    Quote Originally Posted by INFOBOY View Post
    Hi everyone

    I view all you comments and I notice that we have to improve our reservation replaying system, Yes Matilde redecorate and re-furniture more than a year a go.

    Matilde has blended the past with the present, with extraordinary modern art and classic dcor, creating a perfect ambiance for glamour, chic and romance.
    Preserving the house, witch dates back to 18th century (downtown monument), has been a priority in the refurbishing and redecoration.
    The Matilde house is one of the few monumental buildings left in Oranjestad Aruba. It is a patrimonial colonial house built in the 18th century, dwellings in the center of the city which has always been kept in its original state and was never substantially damaged. It is the only privately owned building which has been kept uninterrupted in the same family since than.
    The Staff is almost the same, we have 20 years of experience as well as our waiters working with Chez Matilde- now Matilde. We kept the most popular items of our menu, and add some new items. The chef is the same and food excellent!!, after you try please post your comments.

    For more information check on
    If you have any feedback or for more information dont hesitate in contact me.
    matilde phone number is 00297-5834968
    that is from calling internationaly, however i am not sure if from the states is different country code..

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    Matilde has been reinvented and I've been there twice since. Food, service, ambiance is beyond exceptional.

    For lunch, no fancy dress code. In the evening, just look your best.

    My father particularly liked the ostrich steak.

    I liked the framed plasma screens that change every few minutes. They display famous works of art from Rembrandt to Monet and so on.

    Worth a visit every trip in my humble opinion.

    Aruba's Novelist in Residence (sometimes)

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